PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately game pot depleted in 2019 so gameplay mostly over now,
not recommended to pay trx to play.. But dont worry is launching soon!

Global Goo Production:
? Goo/s

Total Research Pot: ? TRX
(8% distributed daily)

Your lab produces ? Goo/s, ?% of the Global Production

In ??:??:??, you will earn approximately ? TRX
of today's ? TRX research pot

Goo Deposit Box
Pot: 0 TRX
00:00:00 left
Split between: 0
Your deposits: 0
Estimated earnings: ? TRX
Unique Item Raffle
Worth 5000 TRX
00:00:00 left
Ticket cost: 1K
Total Tickets: 0
Your Tickets: 0
Rare Unit Raffle
00:00:00 left
Ticket cost: 1K
Total Tickets: 0
Your Tickets: 0


Here you can buy units that produce Goo.
Goo itself cannot be bought or sold but Goo production is rewarded with TRX.
For more information on rewards, check out the Tutorial modal.

There are both Goo and TRX based units, each with three types of upgrades.
Base Production increases the base rate of Goo per second for a unit.
Percentage Production increases the production multiplier for a unit.
Maximum Units increases the number you can own.

The formula for Goo production with upgrades is:
(Base Production + Base Upgrades) x (100% + Percentage Upgrades)


Here you can buy units that increase your battle stats.
For more information on battles, check out the tutorial in the Battle tab.

There are both Goo and TRX based units, each with three types of upgrades.
Maximum Capacity increases the number you can own, like with production units.
The other upgrades can alternate between base and percentage bonuses for Attack, Defense and Steal depending on the unit.

Rare Units

Here you can view any rare units you have won from raffles.
Rare units are extremely powerful compared to regular units, and can only be obtained through raffles.
Obtaining a rare unit does not allow you to purchase more, and only one is received at a time.
Rare units cannot be upgraded.


Battles are fought when players attack each other.
There are three battle stats:
Attack Power, Defense Power, and Steal Capacity

If player Attack Power is greater than defender Defense Power, the attack is successful.
The attacker steals up to their maximum steal capacity or everything the target has.

There is an Attack Cooldown of 30 minutes for a successful attack, or 10 minutes for a failure.
When the Attack Cooldown is active, your Defense Power is halved.
There is no cooldown for being attacked.

Make sure to refresh your target before attacking.
They may have been attacked by another player, spent their Goo or increased their Defense.

You're able to attack!

Your army currently has

0 Attack Power
0 Defense Power
0 Goo Stealing Capacity
    Lower DEF only

Your battle log:

Unique Item Shop

Once an item raffle has concluded, the item will be available for purchase here.
Ownership of a unique item provides a huge bonus to a specific unit.
Unique items can only be owned by one player at a time.
When an item is purchased the price increases by 25%.
5% goes to the Total Research Pool, and the previous buyer earns 8.75% profit.


Earn 1% of your referal's dividends by spreading Goo!
Your referral link:
Copy your referral link

Your Referral Stats:

Users Referred: 0
Total Referral Bonus: 0 TRX
    Your Rank: ?
Your nickname will replace your address on the leaderboard, battle targets and battle log.
100% of cost goes to the Total Research Pot.
Maximum Length: 34 Characters
Current Nickname: None
Admins reserve the right to censor excessively offensive names and advertising.
Cost: 500 TRX